Bringing what happens behind closed doors and factory farms and slaughterhouses into the public is what gets people to question their behaviors.


It is what steers the public away from consuming animals. Speaking to people in real life, not through a Netflix documentary, a social media post, or a Facebook video, is the most powerful form of activism to bring about behavioral change. Without a conversation, people learn there is no humane way to exploit and enslave an animal. Without outreach, we can’t give people the comprehensive abolitionist idea of veganism.

The fight for veganism in the 21st century is a fight for ALL injustices. More than 150 billion animals are commodified, tormented and slaughtered every year worldwide by the meat, egg and dairy industries. ( That equates to over 2 trillion animal deaths caused by humans worldwide, more than every war in recorded history.

We are serious about the work that we do because this is a serious and pressing issue.