Paul Bashir & Asal Alamdari

Our Founders


Anonymous for the Voiceless was built on Paul and Asal’s unwavering determination to fight against speciesism and abolish animal exploitation. 


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Paul Bashir

Co-Founder and Director

Paul is an artist, lyricist, creator, health advocate, and entrepreneur, but his role as Animal Liberationist takes the front seat. Prior to founding AV, Paul spent nearly a decade deeply involved in hip-hop music, communicating to the world through lyrics. Paul’s approach to street activism was largely shaped by his musical roots; he compares the surreal displays of footage and structure of a Cube of Truth to an art piece. The shift from music to street activism was a natural progression, as his passion for music came from a place of wanting to bring about positive change. 

In 2012, Paul studied to become a certified plant-based nutritionist under the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies. During this period of his life, Paul radically transformed his health and the lives of others through private consultations and blogging about veganism. Today, Paul’s purpose in spreading the vegan message goes far beyond health. 

Paul has made it his life’s mission to fight against animal exploitation, which he calls the “the biggest injustice in the world.” He credits the movie Earthlings and fellow animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky as major influences. Paul’s animal rights advocacy began on YouTube, however, he soon realized the power of speaking to people face to face. Paul left his online platform to get out on the streets of Melbourne and have conversations with anyone who would listen. Together with Asal Alamdari, Paul formed the first Cube of Truth and established Anonymous for the Voiceless on April 16, 2016. 

Paul travels the world spreading the vegan message through hosting workshops, giving speeches, coordinating outreach demonstrations, and attending Cube of Truth events, all while directing a worldwide organization. His vision to create a world where cruelty, captivity and enslavement is abolished for all beings is shared by hundreds of thousands of AV supporters.


Asal Alamdari

Co-Founder and Director

Asal Alamdari’s calling to veganism and animal liberation began with her upbringing. She was born and raised in Iran, a country where animal sacrifice is prevalent. As a child, she witnessed the slitting of a lamb’s throat on the street, which imprinted a visual in her mind of this cultural norm as an unethical and inexcusable way to treat animals. From that day on, Asal vowed to never consume lamb. 

In the years that followed, Asal became an animal lover. She watched videos of what goes on in slaughterhouses and fur farms where animals are killed for food and fashion.

Recounting a video she watched in 2013 of a fox being anally electrocuted and skinned alive, Asal remembers, “I just shut my laptop, put it away, and cried for hours. I felt so much pain and saw how cruel and disgusting this was. I was moved to post a status on Facebook later that day saying, ‘I wish I had the power to stop animal cruelty.’ ”

Someone commented on this status saying that Asal should go vegan if she wanted to do something about it. Asal transitioned to veganism that week. Right away, she sought out ways to get involved in animal rights activism. However, she became frustrated because existing approaches at the time didn’t seem to be making enough of an impact.

It is from these feelings of frustration and passion that AV was created. Together with Paul Bashir, the duo hosted street demonstrations in Melbourne, Australia. Their activism was about getting out there and reaching as many people as possible, which led to creating a manual for others around the world to do the same.

Today, Asal’s role as founder and director of AV involves managing legal work, finances, and merchandising.

In her free time, Asal enjoys expressing her creativity through painting, and is passionate about exercising and eating healthy.


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