A Cube of Truth is a peaceful street activism demonstration that employs direct action with the public. We have successfully organized 950 AV chapters around the world which have held nearly 12,000 Cube of Truth events. Every Cube is made up of the same core structure. We split our Cubes into two teams; a Cube team and an outreach team.



Our volunteers who make up the Cube team are the non-interactive parts of a demonstration. Our Cube team stands tall and still in cube formation wearing anonymous and statuesque white masks, clad in black from head to toe. They hold signs and video footage showing standard-practice of what "food" animals experience every second of every day.The formation results in a compelling 360 degree view of people standing side-by-side in solidarity, presenting the “truth.”


The outreach team of an AV Cube demonstration engages with the public by asking interested onlookers questions about the footage they are looking at. The footage shown in our Cubes helps bring the power of change back to the individual. It taps into onlookers’ emotions by shedding light to injustices from the victim’s point of view. The Cube outreach team encourages onlookers to open their minds and question their behaviors about what they are supporting with their purchases. Our Cube outreach teams are equipped with informative resources and the ability to initiate hardline discussions.




Both sides of the Cube are powerful for everyone involved. Being in a cube wearing a mask and watching people’s reactions has a large emotional component, as does directly participating in outreach. The simplicity and effectiveness of our demonstrations have successfully convinced about 160,000 people so far to take the cause seriously. We keep a tally of these numbers at each of our events.

In addition to Cubes, AV participates in other forms of street activism through outreach workshops, conferences, and events. We spread the truth to hundreds of thousands of combined followers on social media.

“A lot of people already agree with veganism, but they just don’t understand it. A lot of people already say they are against animal cruelty, inequality, and environmental destruction, yet they participate in animal cruelty unnecessarily three times a day. Most people don’t like the fact that animals are tortured to death needlessly for their meals but they ignore the truth and do not make the connection. We are here to help people make that connection and go vegan.”
— Paul Bashir, Co-Founder, Anonymous for the Voiceless




Check the 'Find Your Local Chapter' section of our website to see if Anonymous for the Voiceless is operating in your city, and join your local group. If we aren't set up in your city and you're interested in becoming an AV Organiser, Contact Us to find learn how.