What do I need to know before attending a Cube of Truth?

Cube Etiquette


Please appreciate that organisers are taking on a substantial responsibility to spearhead these campaigns which involves a specific structure we have carefully formulated. If there is one thing you take away from reading this post, make it this: the more professional we operate, the more the public will take us seriously.

Perhaps you are welcome to do whatever you please at other events but we ask you to simply adhere to the structure at our event. If this basic level of respect cannot be given to the organisers or the orchestration of the event, you are not welcome to attend as it will impede on the demonstration's effectiveness.

The Cube of Truth demonstration is not a social event and should not be treated as such.


Please pack light where possible. Any bags brought to the demonstration are your responsibility and must be worn as there will be no storage on the day; bags or other items left in the middle of the Cube disrupt the demonstration and impede on the aesthetic.


Masks, signs and outreach literature are provided by the organisers. You may bring your own mask if you prefer, but please ensure that it is identical to the masks provided (the white Guy Fawkes mask).

Outreach Material

The provided outreach material comes in the form of small closing cards loaded with videos, documentaries, online resources and more; these are the only piece of literature that we hand out and we do so sparingly.


Please wear black clothing where possible, black upper clothing is essential. Click here to purchase official AV clothing in our shop.

TV’s, Computers, Laptops

If you are able to, please bring a fully charged device with the recommended footage and media player downloaded. At the demonstration, your device should be muted with WiFi disabled and brightness maximised. Devices may not be necessary for you to bring if TV screens are being used, please check with the organisers.



The size of the Cube will vary based on the number of volunteers present at the demonstration. Each side of the Cube must be even, if volunteer numbers are very low then a Cube of one person or two back-to-back is appropriate but otherwise the size of the Cube should go up in fours: four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty and so on.

Standing in the Cube

Volunteers standing in the Cube will be masked and must stand up straight and be as still as possible, facing forward at all times. The Cube should be straight, tight and compact with volunteers standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

For those in the Cube holding a sign, please straighten your arms down by your side and hold the sign by supporting it from the bottom with your hands; letting the sign rest against your torso.

For those with a device it is encouraged to extend your arms forward in a robotic manner if a bystander is watching your device, you would then retract your arms back once that bystander has moved on. Your arms should only extend forwards and backwards, not diagonally or to the side.

Those in the Cube should remain silent during the demonstration, communication should be made by raising your hand to alert someone on Outreach. Do this in the following scenarios:

  • If you need to take a break.

  • If you see an unaccompanied child watching the videos. Someone on Outreach will need to ensure they have their parent or guardian's permission to watch.

  • If a bystander speaks to you.

  • If you see a bystander that would be ideal for someone on Outreach to speak to. Please do not point at the bystander as this can be intimidating.


At Cube of Truth demonstrations, we are there to promote a clear vegan message and attempt to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through our conversations.

We are not there to promote free range, meat-free Mondays, or vegetarianism.

Do not encourage bystanders to come and watch the footage, we allow bystanders to do so out of their own curiosity. Only engage in conversation with those that have stopped to watch for a significant amount of time; this is down to your own judgement and common sense.

Handing Out Cards

There are two circumstances in which we would hand out a closing card: after a productive conversation or if someone asks for a card. This demonstration is not a trade show, we are not there to hand out leaflets to anybody walking past because this can be a waste of resources and bystanders may be less likely to approach the Cube.

Keeping Tally

Everybody on Outreach must keep a personal tally of how many people they speak to that they genuinely believe will go home and take this issue seriously as a direct result of the demonstration. Please keep your tally as conservative as possible, it is not a competition. An organiser will collect your tally at the end.

Speaking with Bystanders

It is imperative that volunteers remain calm, polite and respectful during conversation with bystanders. Remain firm in your stance, but also show compassion for those clearly innocent in their conditioning or emotionally impacted by the demonstration. Unapologetic, but approachable. Try not to waste time on ignorant or unreachable bystanders. Socratic questioning is an effective method of conversation and one that is encouraged to be used, some examples of opening questions are:

  • Have you seen footage like this before?

  • How does it make you feel?

  • Have you ever thought about where animal products come from?

If you find yourself outside of the Cube but not yet ready to speak to members of the public, then please use your time effectively by shadowing experienced volunteers taking part in Outreach. You can also share the event by taking photos and videos, or by going live on your social media platforms.

Outreach tips

How to Talk to Non-Vegans by Earthling Ed

30 Days, 30 Excuses by Earthling Ed

AV Outreach Guide by Lachlan Jacques, Matt Stellino & Joshua Entis


If a table is present at the demonstration, it is recommended that at least one volunteer mans the table at all times especially if there is a donation box. Please maintain a clean, tidy and uniform table and attend to bystanders that approach with interest.

It is appropriate to leave vegan leaflets on the table for the public to read or take if they wish, but these should be capped to no more than two-three different types of leaflets in order to ensure the table is tidy and not overloaded. Too many leaflets can be too much for the bystander to digest.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs, or Contact Us. Good Luck!