Established April, 2016.

Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organisation that specializes in street activism.

Over 3,927 demonstrations in 611 cities/62 COUNTRIES, we've convinced at least 145,519 bystanders to take veganism seriously.

We employ direct action with highly effective public outreach using local standard-practice footage of what "food" animals experience every second of every day, virtual reality technology, succinctly informative resources and a value-based sales approach. We fully equip the public with everything they need in switching to a vegan lifestyle. We hold an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation.




We would like to thank the following organisations for the footage used at our events:

Animal Aid, Animal Equality, Animal Liberation Victoria, Animal Recovery Mission, Animal Rights België, Animal Rights Nederland, Aussie Farms, Compassion in World Farming, Cruelty Free International, Farmwatch, L'association Pour l'Égalité Animale, Mercy for Animals, PETA, Surge, Verein Gegen Tierfabriken, VICE News, Viva!