Who we are



Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) is a not-for-profit animal rights organisation that specializes in using conversation and high-quality footage to educate the public about animal exploitation. Originally founded in Melbourne, Australia, we are now a global community of like-minded people using our voices for justice for our fellow earthlings. With an abolitionist stance against all forms of animal exploitation, we hold demonstrations all around the world with the aim of empowering the public to live vegan and speak up for animals.

So who is AV? Simply put, we are a voice against history’s largest and longest-standing injustice.



Anonymous for the Voiceless holds an abolitionist stance against animal exploitation and promotes a clear vegan message. As we fight against speciesism (a form of discrimination), we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind within our organisation. We expect anyone representing us to be respectful and inclusive towards people of all political, racial, religious, cultural and any other groups. We are independent of any political affiliation or religion and wish no promotion of either at our events. Any person or group that does not agree to uphold the values outlined in this statement is not welcome to represent us as an organiser or a volunteer.