Join Anonymous for the Voiceless for the first ever week-long Cube of Truth!

We will operate for 8 consecutive days in what is arguably the most iconic commercial, financial and tourist hubs of the world: New York City. Ready to push the limits of street activism? We’re seeking volunteers who are serious about animal rights.

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WHEN: July 13-20th, 2019

WHERE: New York City

COST: Free

*Financial assistance may be available to help pay for your food for the week in New York. To receive financial aid, you MUST REGISTER in advance and mark “Yes, I would like financial assistance” on the registration form. We will email you access to a private Facebook group to connect with other activists for accommodations, travel etc.




  • Edifying thousands of people on the streets with the vegan message alongside us

  • Meet and connect with the largest group of Cubers in AV history

  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with other activists for accommodations, travel etc.

  • 4-hour Powerhouse Workshop facilitated by AV founders/directors Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari. (Includes outreach tips, inspiration, a Q&A session and more!)

  • “Night Before Launch Hangout” to meet and interact with fellow activists

  • Furthering animal rights as the most pressing issue of our time!



Can’t make it to the event?


You can still support the cause!

There are ways you can help. Anonymous for the Voiceless is a non-for-profit organisation, relying heavily on the support of the public to make events like this a reality. Your donation will assist us with the costs associated with event hire equipment, hosting, masks, signage, resource cards, and all the tools we need to convince and educate an incomparable number of bystanders to take veganism seriously. 

Without education there will be no liberation! Be a part of history, donate now and help make this event our most successful to date. 

*Anonymous for the Voiceless is a charity recognised by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission ACN 630 318 071.



+ What exactly is a Cube of Truth?

A Cube of Truth is a peaceful street activism demonstration that employs direct action with the public. Through video footage and conversation, we educate the public about the cruelty inherent in the meat, dairy and egg industries. The demo is a symbolic act to show solidarity for animals who suffer every day of their lives. It also represents hope, because there are activists around the world who dedicate their lives to fighting for animal rights.

Every Cube is made up of the same core structure. We split our Cubes into two teams; A Cube team and an outreach team. Our volunteers who make up the Cube team are the non-interactive parts of a demonstration. Our Cube team stands tall and still in cube formation wearing anonymous and statuesque white masks, clad in black from head to toe. They hold signs and video footage showing standard-practice of what "food" animals experience every second of every day. Cube members do not speak since they are representative of animals without a voice; the dark and faceless victims of cruelty and violence.The formation results in a compelling 360 degree view of people standing side-by-side in solidarity, presenting the “truth.”

The outreach team of an AV Cube demonstration engages with the public by asking interested onlookers questions about the footage they are looking at. The footage shown in our cubes helps bring the power of change back to the individual. It taps into onlookers’ emotions by shedding light to injustices from the victim’s point of view. The Cube outreach team encourages onlookers to open their minds and question their behaviors about what they are supporting with their purchases. Our Cube outreach teams are equipped with informative resources and the ability to initiate hardline discussions.

Both sides of a Cube are powerful for everyone involved. Being in a cube wearing a mask and watching people’s reactions has a large emotional component, as does directly participating in outreach. The simplicity and effectiveness of our demonstrations have successfully convinced about 160,000 people so far to take the cause seriously. We keep a tally of these numbers at each of our events.

+ What is there to do at night and in the early morning?

There will be organized hangouts to get to know your fellow Cubers, as well as a Powerhouse Workshop and campaign briefing on July 12th hosted by the AV founders. An official event agenda with details will be emailed to all participants who register. Once you register, you will also get access to a private event Facebook group so you can arrange your own meetups.

+ Should I bring my own laptop or tablet?

Please bring one if you have one and make sure to mark "I will be bringing a laptop or tablet" on the registration page. Before arriving make sure you:

  1. Download VLC Player to play the required clips
  2. Download these clips and these clips to be shown throughout the week.

Make sure your devices are fully charged before each of your sessions. There will be limited charging stations provided.

+ What do I need to wear?

Masks and signs will be provided. Please wear AV branded clothing, if possible. You can buy your AV gear in our shop. Otherwise wear black clothing (a black hoodie is best.)

Masks and signs will be provided!

+ Why do I need to be identified for this event?

For large events like these, we may require identification for the following reasons.

Security. We need to know who exactly is attending our event in order to avoid potential issues with volunteers who we know nothing about and better manage the risk of infiltrators.

Credibility. Our campaigns involve wearing masks, and animal rights activists are known to be labeled terrorists (which is ridiculous) but from an event management perspective, being identifiable will help to do away with the stigma. Local police will take our event a lot more seriously to know that we have this information.

Your identification details will be securely and exclusively stored with us and only used if necessary. Upon completion of this event, your identification details will be discarded.

+ Is it possible to go to the bathroom somewhere?

Yes, there will be public restrooms and restaurants in which you can use.

+ Are food and beverages provided?

Yes, we will provide every activist with a food/drink stipend and there are restaurants with vegan options close by.

+ What if it rains?

This event is rain or shine. We want to show how serious we are about our intentions. In case of rain, laptops / tablets will either be protected by umbrellas and cover boxes or we will move to a roofed area near the demonstration site.

+ What about accommodations?

We will be creating a Facebook group where you can meet fellow activists to room together and find affordable accommodations.

+ Can I join if I have never attended a Cube of Truth?

Of course, we welcome everyone! There will be a briefing at the beginning of each 3-hour shift to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to do. We have experienced organizers who are trained to help new activists with everything they need.

+ I can't come to New York, but how can I help?

Putting on such a large event requires a lot of time, dedication and passion. We kindly appreciate all donations.

If you are financially not able to donate then please SHARE this campaign on social media to help us reach those who can.




In this action we WILL:

Adopt a dignified, open, friendly and empathic attitude towards anyone we encounter. We will follow the instructions of the organizers and authorities.

In this action we will NOT:

Bring weapons, use verbal or physical violence, damage or vandalize property, use drugs (including alcohol) or behave in a way that is in conflict with U.S. law (if you are unsure whether or not something you plan to do is in conflict with the law, ask an organizer).