May 11, 2019

Ready to make a difference? Anonymous for the Voiceless will be hosting a 24 hour Cube of Truth in Dam Square, Amsterdam. This event is dedicated to exposing what is happening to the animals, our environment and our health in just one damn day. Along with this event, we will share facts online to further solidify our case for animal liberation every day for the month of May.

In addition to the Cube, AV co-founders/directors Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari will be facilitating a workshop the night before to provide training and education with a unique approach to outreach.

Let’s do this!


Make sure to register now to reserve your time slot and be kept in the loop with future updates.


WHEN: May 11 - 12, 2019

WHERE: Dam Square, Amsterdam

COST: Free - Register below to pick your time slot


WHEN: May 10, 2019 (time TBA)


COST: Free - Register below for updates



Check out last year’s 24 Cube of Truth in Berlin.


+ What exactly is a Cube of Truth?

A Cube of Truth is a peaceful street activism demonstration that employs direct action with the public. Through video footage and conversation, we educate the public about the cruelty inherent in the meat, dairy and egg industries. The demo is a symbolic act to show solidarity for animals who suffer every day of their lives. It also represents hope, because there are activists around the world who dedicate their lives to fighting for animal rights.

Every Cube is made up of the same core structure. We split our Cubes into two teams; A Cube team and an outreach team. Our volunteers who make up the Cube team are the non-interactive parts of a demonstration. Our Cube team stands tall and still in cube formation wearing anonymous and statuesque white masks, clad in black from head to toe. They hold signs and video footage showing standard-practice of what "food" animals experience every second of every day. Cube members do not speak since they are representative of animals without a voice; the dark and faceless victims of cruelty and violence.The formation results in a compelling 360 degree view of people standing side-by-side in solidarity, presenting the “truth.”

The outreach team of an AV Cube demonstration engages with the public by asking interested onlookers questions about the footage they are looking at. The footage shown in our cubes helps bring the power of change back to the individual. It taps into onlookers’ emotions by shedding light to injustices from the victim’s point of view. The Cube outreach team encourages onlookers to open their minds and question their behaviors about what they are supporting with their purchases. Our Cube outreach teams are equipped with informative resources and the ability to initiate hardline discussions.

Both sides of a Cube are powerful for everyone involved. Being in a cube wearing a mask and watching people’s reactions has a large emotional component, as does directly participating in outreach. The simplicity and effectiveness of our demonstrations have successfully convinced about 160,000 people so far to take the cause seriously. We keep a tally of these numbers at each of our events.

+ What is there to do at night and in the early morning ?

The demo is a symbolic act to show solidarity for animals who suffer every day of their lives, 24 hrs a day. But it also reflects on the act of hope, because there are activists all around the world who dedicate their lives to the fight for animal rights, 24 hrs a day.

An official event agenda with details will be emailed to all participants who register. Once you register, you will also get access to a private event Facebook group so you can arrange your own meetups.

+ Should I bring my own laptop or tablet?

Please bring one if you have one and make sure to mark "I will be bringing a laptop or tablet" on the registration page. Before arriving make sure you:

  1. Download VLC Player to play the required clips
  2. Download these clips and these clips to be shown throughout the week.

Make sure your devices are fully charged before each of your sessions. There will be limited charging stations provided.

+ What do I need to wear?

Masks and signs will be provided. Please wear AV branded clothing, if possible. You can buy your AV gear in our shop. Otherwise wear black clothing (a black hoodie is best.)

+ Is it possible to go to the bathroom somewhere?

There will be public restrooms and restaurants in which you can use.

+ Are food and beverages provided?

We will not be providing food and drinks, but there are restaurants with vegan options close by.

+ What if it rains?

We want to show how serious we are about our intentions. In case of rain the laptops / tablets will either be protected by umbrellas and cover boxes or we will move to a roofed area close to the demonstration site.

+ Can I join if I have never attended a Cube of Truth?

Of course, you're very welcome to! There will be a briefing at the beginning of each 3-hour shift to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to do. We have experienced organizers that will help you with everything you need.

+ I can't come to Amsterdam, but how can I help?

Putting on such a large event requires a lot of time, dedication and passion. We kindly appreciate all donations.

If you are financially not able to donate then please SHARE this campaign on social media to help us reach those who can.